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                              Guide buy

                              FOURSTAR Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                              Address: The second floor of Building H, century garden, NO.88 of Section 2 of Lushan South Road, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China.

                              Postal Code: 618000.

                              Tel: +86-838-2515549     2515543    QQ: 344633652

                              Fax: +86-838-2515546

                              Web site:

                              E-mail: Sales:             Technical support:



                              How to Buy: 
                                  Selection: Selected Model according to the technology information and pictures of the products -> Confirmation: Confirm the price of products you selected -> Remittances: Deposit money into the account -> Consignment: E-mail receipt of remittance and your address and contact to Then we will deliver the product to you immediately -> Inquire: Ask waybill number to inquire about the status of product online.

                              About the invoice and the price:
                                  The price of the product in FOURSTAR electronic CO. does not include tax and the charge of freight, but only general retail business invoices only. For users who need invoices, it should be declared when making an order. We will send invoice with the product. 
                                  Please call to inquire the price of wholesale and agent of products.

                              About the freight: 
                                  Our consignment is usually by EMS. According to different countries and regions, as well as the amount of goods, the freight will be different. Make sure the charge of freight when making an order.

                              When we mail: 
                                  E-mail receipt of remittance, the model and number of product you purchased, your address Zip code, recipient name and phone number to, or sent all this information  by fax .After we check payment immediately ,we will mail the product to you immediately. 
                                  If the time we receive the E-mail or fax is after 17:00, we will mail the product next day. 
                                  If the case is that no product is available, our staff will contact you immediately, and tell you the specific mail times.

                              The express:
                                  Depending on the area where you are, in principle of “to ensure that you get products in the shortest time”, we will choose different express company, such as EMS, Shun Feng express, and other door-to-door service Professional Express company.

                              Product inquiries: 
                                  After we mail the products, customers can ask waybill number to inquire the status of products on the web of the express company online.