BH-232    Description of the protection of RS232 interfaces

                                        This protection is designed to protect the RS232 interfaces, using today's advanced TVS (TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPERSSOR) transient voltage suppressor. The TVS tube is in high-impedance state under normal circumstances. It can reducing the resistance of its two ends at a very high speed and absorb a large current when the both ends of TVS tube withstand an instant impact at the high-energy, so as to control the voltage of both ends at a predetermined values and protect the behind circuit elements from damaging for transient high-voltage shock. This protection can effectively curb the Lightning, static electricity, and Surge voltage or transient over-voltage in the circuit for all reasons. The tiny capacitance between the two polar can guarantee the high-speed transmission of RS232.

                                    The appearance of this product can be categorized into two types--DB9F/DB9M and DB25F/DB25M, witch are used for 9-pin and 25-pin RS232 standard port respectively. Please tell us witch type you want when you order them. The definitions of all the signal lines are recording to the signal of RS232 standard interface. It can be used immediately after inserting. The attached map is a description of the principle of this product. As the map, this protection can protect all signals of the RS232 interface, and realize a full-range protection between signal thread and signal thread, signal thread and signal ground, signal thread and shielding.

                              Technical details: 

                              1、The nominal value of Breakdown voltage:30V,Tow-way

                              2、Can withstand this transient impact power: 500 W. More than 10,000 devices can work.

                              3, response time: <10 -12 seconds

                              4, the highest rate: 1Mbps / S

                              5, the protective lines: DB9: 1/2/3/4/6/7/8/9, SG: 5, PG; DB25: 2/3/4/5/6/8/20/22, SG: 7 , PG: 1

                              6, Dimensions of appearance: 60 × 35 × 17 (DB9), 60 × 50 × 17 (DB25)

                              7, Weight: 25 grams (DB9), 45g(DB25)

                              8, the highest temperature: 175 ℃

                              How to use:
                                       As the map, insert directly this protection between RS232 interfaces and the original communications cable. Please make sure the shell of the protection, the shield of the communications cable and the shell of equipment are connective and ground covered.

                              The map of the principle of RS232 interfaces protection: