PLC Programming Cable and Interface
                              • ExpressCard CP5512,it’s suitable for Laptop Expresscard slot,is used to achieve PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communication between PC and SIMATIC Net.
                              • Siemens S7-200PLC multiple-master PPI programming cable with isolated USB interface, support PPI, multiple master PPI and Advanced PPI protocol.
                              • Siemens S7-400/300/200PLC programming adapter with USB interface,isolated,Support DP/MPI/PPI,the rate is 9.6Kbps~1.5Mbps.
                              • RS485 interface board for Mitsubishi FX3U series PLC, there are other interface board such as FX3U-422-BD, FX3U-232-BD, FX3U-USB-BD.
                              • Isolated RS485 interface board for Mitsubishi FX2N PLC, photoelectricity isolated anti-lightning, the largest communications distance is 2km.
                              • Schneider PLC and HMI multi-functional programming cable with USB interface, USB/RS485 interface, 3 m, with master/slave selection switch.

                              RS232/RS485/RS422/USB Converter
                              • Industrial RS232 to RS485/422 converter without power supply, 0-115.2Kbps, the appearance is guide rail-installed industrial structure.
                              • Industrial grade RS232/RS485/422 isolated converter, 5VDC power supply, 0-230Kbps, the largest communications distance is 2km.
                              • Three-interface all isolated RS232 to RS485/422 converter, 9-40VDC wide voltage power supply,0-230Kbps, the largest communications is 2km.
                              • The USB to RS232 Isolated convertion,with all RS232 signals (TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI) light,industrial-grade standard design.
                              • Micro USB to RS485 converter,baud rate is 300bps-1Mbps adaptive, anti-lightning.
                              • USB to RS485/422 isolated converter, 300bps-1Mbps adaptive, USB ports supply power automatically, anti-lightning.

                              RS232/RS485/RS422/CAN/USB Drivers and Repeaters and Isolation
                              • USB Extender,extend USB communication distance: 75 meters at full speed, low speed 300 meters. industry-standard product design.
                              • RS232 isolated long-distance transceiver, extent 2 km (9600bps) of RS232 communication distance, full-duplex without power supply.
                              • RS232 isolated ultra-long-range driver, use the CAN bus driver without changing the RS232 protocol , RS232 distance will be extended to 10 km.
                              • RS485/422 ultra-long-range isolated driver, use the CAN bus driver without changing the RS485 protocol (software) , RS485/422 extended to 10 km.
                              • RS485/422 optical isolated relay, extend 2 km of the communication distance two-way without delaying, the baud rate is 0-500Kbps adaptive.
                              • USB isolators, isolation voltage 6000VDC, with 4 isolated USB-A port, support for 12Mbps full-speed USB transfer and 1.5Mbps low-speed USB transfer.
                              • RS232 Isolated protection, only need one to serial communications between the and cable, isolation of RS232 all signals, 57.6Kbps.Max.  
                              • The isolated protection of RS485, anti-lightning and anti-static electricity, communication distance is up to 2 km, the highest rate is 10Mbps.
                              • RS232 interface protections, suppress lightning, suppress static, suppress surge, and suppress several of transient over-voltage, DB9M/DB9F and DB25M/DB25F.

                              Fieldbus Network components
                              • The isolated PROFIBUS bus connector has an LED diagnosis light. It is used in the PROFIBUS/PPI/MPI interface,adaptive rate of 0 Mbps to 10 Mbps.
                              • Mini PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI repeater with same shape as PROFIBUS bus connector plug, rate of 0~12Mbps, Power supply of -RS485-RS485 is totally isolated.
                              • E485GP compatible with Siemens repeater, is a RS485 isolation repeaters designed for PROFIBUS bus, rate is 0-1.5Mbps adaptive, the largest communications distance is 2 km.
                              • Isolated PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI repeater,With self-adaptive rate of 0~12Mbps,Power supply of -RS485-RS485 is totally isolated.
                              • Six-interface isolated PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI concentrator(HUB) may achieve PROFIBUS bus, star, and hybrid network structure,With self-adaptive rate of 0~12Mbps.
                              • CAN isolated relay, the baud rate is 0-1Mbps adaptive, with unique enhanced driving circuit, extend 10 km of communications distance two-way.

                              RS232/RS485/RS422/CAN/PROFIBUS Fiber Converter
                              • Industrial Ethernet single-mode optical fiber link adapter. Ethernet access speed reaches up to 10/100M with self-adaption and optical fiber port speed can reach 100M.
                              • Mini PROFIBUS single-mode optical fibre link adaptor is also named optical bus connector,Speed 0~12Mbps self-adaption,transmission : 0~12km.
                              • CAN converted fiber, 9-40VDC power supply, 0-1Mbps adaptive, the largest transmission distance is 5km (multi-mode), 20km (single mode)

                              RS232/RS485/RS422 to Ethernet Converter
                              • Industrial grade USB server is used to connect the USB equipment to the Ethernet, then you can access and share the USB equipment via the LAN or the Internet.
                              • RS232/RS485/RS422 to Ethernet,support TCP Server、TCP Client、UDP Uni_Cast、UDP Multi_Cast mode, The RJ45,RS485 interface and power supply port are all isolated.
                              • Mitsubishi FX PLC Ethernet adapter,is used for the communication between FX PLC and Ethernet,Internet or 3G wireless network by the programming interface.

                              RS232/RS485/RS422 Wireless Communications
                              • RS232/485/422 to wireless ZigBee adapter.2km sight distance for wireless communication, capable of expanding 15 relay routes and support up to 65535 nodes.
                              • Ethernet port and serial port to WiFi adapter.used for converting Ethernet port or RS232/RS485/RS422 serial port to WiFi wireless communication
                              • RS232/RS485/RS422 Bluetooth serial port adapter, and will RS232/RS485/RS422 interface transparent converted to a Bluetooth wireless transmission.